FY Kat Graham
A blog dedicated to our lovely girl crush, Katerina Graham. She is a classy yet, sassy, adorable, generous, and intelligent human being. Kat is a producer, she acts, sings, dances, and even writes poetry! Take a ride on the Kat train with us. It'll be exhilarating! xoxo
FY Kat Graham
"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. Even if you're not accepted, at least you are still yourself.|BUY KAT'S NEWEST SINGLE, "POWER," ON ITUNES NOW


Kat Graham | Season 6 Promo Pic

Kat Graham at TVD Convention in Las Vegas // September 14

Kat Graham - The 2014 Fashion Rocks


Kat Graham - Critic Choice Awards 2014 Portraits  

Phoebe Tonkin, Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev at the #Versace Spring 2015 fashion show in NYC // September 7

Kat Graham arriving to the Versus Versace fashion show at Metropolitan West on 9.7.14 in NYC

"You can’t base your decisions of self worth in anyone but your own hands. Nothing should shift within you, whether "they" are with you or against you."



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